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Posted By erfaa on Oct 1, 2009 at 3:19AM

Hello peeps , now lemme continue the part about some tips to stay awake one whole day by studying .

This tips are suggested by Singapore Poly .

So it wouldn't be a miracle suggestion .

  • If you feel so tired , but u still won't give up of studying , here's some tips for you to stay awake for ur O ' Levels .
  • Drink a tonic drink , that can make you stay awake .
  • Eg : Red Bull , Coffee , Tonic Drink etc ..
  • Or another thing , is to ....
  • Wash up yourself , so that you can stay awake all day long .
  • Another tip of having a break is :
  • When its Lunch or Dinner time , do not rush thru your food .You need a big meal to make ur brain have a lot of energy to think !
  • Need less than 2 hrs activity ? No problem , You , can take a walk if only you are not interested in sports , oorrr ...
  • You can play sports , EG: Soccer , Captain Ball , Basketball , Netball , Rugby ETC,

Thats all that i can recall ,

hope this is useful for you all !!

Posted By erfaa on Oct 1, 2009 at 3:10AM




Im now gonna be a reaaaaaaal active on sugar person yaws .

Well, see the picture up therE? Yeaappp. I found it at the girls toilet , at Causeway Point .

I don't understand this peoples .

Why must they vandalise? Maybe this answer should do a trick .

  • They wanted to act cool.

They are rebel's , that loves to break the laws ?

Okay , Maybe i can give 2 answers, but there is more.

Which is certainly not important for me to think right now .

All im thinking right now is my studies .

I really drop alot of marks for science and maths , english language too !

Well ,  i've been studying this days soo far .

I followed the Singapore Poly's study guides .

It's useful you know , maybe .For those who had the SPot Light magazines , You can browse thru the guides that those students suggest .

Well, if you didn't get , Hope u guys would study well for ur EOY.

Hahah , do study okay ? Maybe you would make ur parents proud enough though ?

Haha , well . That's all i gotta say . Do stay tunee !


Happy 1 birthdayy !!!

Posted By erfaa on Sep 30, 2009 at 7:58PM

Helloh peeps , im new at onsugar.com

yeaaaah , and i kinda lioke the styles etcs .Well , on the pic on the top,

It's my cat. her birthday was today .

And we weren't quite unsure when did she born , so we make up a birthday for her.

Hahaha , well .I AM SOOO BOREEED.

Well,  i might have problem handling this, haha , well .

Nevermind , i will asked my friend to help me thn ,

Well , gooodbyeeee !


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